Easy Road Trip Preparation Tips for Truckers

Setting off on the road for a long trip can be nerve-wracking, and you don’t want to spend the first hour or so sitting there wondering what you forgot to do. With every inch of your rig needing to be checked before you depart on your haul, here are some preparation tips you may have forgotten to do to well prepare yourself for the trip ahead.

Check the total distance of your trip. It is easy to think you won’t need to calculate this out, but it will really help you in the long run. Calculating in time to stop for food, fuel, and bathroom breaks are necessary. However, it is important to budget time for traffic, border crossings, or inclement weather; this brings me to my next tip.

Map out the weather forecast for all points along your trip. It is so easy to check the weather app on your phone quickly and think you have the forecast for the next few hours. What a lot of drivers will neglect to remember is that as you drive you’re changing terrains, weather patterns, and possibly colder climates. The weather at your point A could be drastically different than the weather at point B. If you don’t budget time for bad weather farther along your route, you may run into trouble down the line.

Know where the essential services are on your route. Do a little research and find some tire repair shops, oil change centers, or maybe even an express medical center along your route. Knowing where these services are ahead of time will help you to be able to plan when to stop most efficiently.