The Best Apps for Truckers

There are thousands, if not millions, of apps currently available for download that can be both useful and entertaining for truck drivers. From navigation to communication to entertainment, apps keep truckers happy while on the job. Here are some of the best apps for truck drivers to have on their phones.


This app allows truckers to see the best route to their desired location. In addition to just showing the route, it also shows rest stops and has traffic alerts.


GasBuddy allows truck drivers to see the price of fuel near them. This is perfect for scouting out the best location to purchase diesel! Why pay more for fuel when you can drive down the road and save money?


WhatsApp is an app that lets truck drivers call and text family and friends without having to worry about if their phone has service. WhatsApp runs off of WIFI, so if you’re in a remote location but have a hotspot, you’ll still be able to reach your loved ones.

Candy Crush

Solve puzzles using candy in this free addicting game! Play with friends and compete to see who can reach the highest level in the shortest amount of time! Get stuck? No problem. Ask your Facebook friends for some assistance!