What Cars Can Do To Avoid Trucker Blind Spots

The blind spots on a semi truck are typically directly in the front and the back. However, the right side of the truck is also a blind area because of the position of the driver’s seat. Knowing where their blind spots are helps you avoid them easily. When you are passing them, make sure you do it quickly so you are not lingering in their blind spots.

When driving next to a semi, keep the trucks mirrors in sight. If you cannot see the mirrors, it is likely the driver cannot see you either. If you are driving beside a semi and you notice the driver coming into your lane, honk your horn a few times to alert the driver that you are around.

Lastly, make sure you keep a safe distance behind the truck. While usually two car-lengths is appropriate for driving behind a regular sized vehicle, it is better to drive about 15 car-lengths behind a semi so that you have more than enough time to stop if the truck slows down.

Being conscious of your trucker-road companions is important for avoiding accidents. Keep the tips above in mind next time you hit the road!